SNOC draws its inspiration for design and production from the powerful presence of nature. SNOC aims to prevent damage to the integrity of nature by producing its collections in a quality that will make them last longer, avoiding contributing to carbon emissions and increasing its carbon footprint. The main goal is to leave a world where future generations can live with nature and humanity while designing long-lasting furniture produced with respect for nature. SNOC, which reaches its users with the tradition of respect for nature, draws a road map that supports sustainable development goals. Thus, while aiming for environmental protection and sustainable development, it supports the sustainability and protection of nature with all its materials and components used.

Respect for nature

SNOC continues to use renewable and recyclable materials in their collections

Sustainable production for the future of the world.

"It is believed that by avoiding carbon footprint in their collections, a sustainable future for the environment can be established. Ensuring sustainability through the production of designs guides the protection of the ecosystem without harming nature. Within the SNOC design team, the integrity of natural resources is preserved, and the main objectives of economic, social, and ecological foundations of sustainability are achieved.

Respect for the world's forests with FSC certified products

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that supports sustainable and responsible management of forests. Its primary mission is to protect the world's forests and their sustainable existence. FSC aims to achieve this by ensuring the harvesting of forest products without harming the natural existence and productivity of the world's forests. FSC goals enable us to ensure the sustainability of the world's forests as a productive resource while leaving a livable world for future generations. The implementation process of our designs progresses in a way that ensures the long-term well-being of both the environment and your furniture.

Respect for life.

While continuing its production with the responsibility of leaving a livable world for future generations, SNOC sets goals and takes initiatives to reduce the impact of the footprints left on the world.