SNOC Outdoor Furniture company been known for its timeless, functional design. In their new ‘Outdoor Collection,’ exterior living is celebrated in a series of bespoke pieces brought together in collaboration with renowned designers. Utilizing quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship, the collections bring classic design to the forefront of functional living. Drawing on the original designs, the pieces have been expertly crafted using solid, untreated teak with the addition of Sunbrella fabric for additional tactility. Outdoor series also features formed of dark-stained teak, the pieces epitomize dual-functionality, designed for use both inside and outside of the home. The collections are a celebration of exceptional craftsmanship, modern design, and the simple joy of outdoor living.

Having a wide range of products for outdoor design requires a more delicate design and material mastery than an indoor design due to standards and dynamics. With this awareness, SNOC processes superior quality materials with impeccable craftsmanship, the delicacy in using color theory, and functional solutions to make all gardens and outdoor spaces livable throughout all four seasons. SNOC collection and products are based on a general principle inspired by and respecting nature, integrating usage and aesthetics, where the gentle breeze of nature and naturalness roam in your outdoor spaces. With the principle of "perpetual innovation," technology and material guidance are managed with a concept that responds to every condition and need. SNOC, which blows the aesthetic and layered spirit of design with a thoughtful and professional mindset, continues to offer the value that your living spaces, i.e., you, deserve, with the realization that living spaces cannot be thought of separately from humans and nature, as well as the organic flow of nature around you and always with you.

Material spirit

The foundational principles of SNOC's philosophy are three interdependent concepts: quality-performance, durability-sustainability, and of course, spirit! Discovering the most ideal living spaces without falling behind the times requires a dynamic, functional, and flexible design approach that requires mastery. High-quality, maximum-performance, season-resistant, and sustainable material balance is maintained in every component, from wood to aluminum, concrete materials to fabrics and material variations. Of course, the material must have a spirit that will touch its user and help create a living space together. Therefore, SNOC's designs, constructed with living textures, not only resist wear and tear and are functional, but also incorporate design psychology principles that can create empathy and a special color, form, and proportion for their users.


Carefully selected high-quality materials and upholstery fabrics by SNOC guarantee high quality, completing the aesthetic perception with their functionality. With the principle of 'permanent innovation', SNOC moves forward on the timeline without falling behind, even going beyond time with meticulous research that is open to experimentation and strong design instincts. SNOC has a comprehensive and meticulous structure for outdoor furniture collections, designed to be compatible with every condition, from atmospheric effects to sunlight, harsh and dry weather to humid or very hot weather, with durability.

A holistic vision can only be achieved by fulfilling the mission towards the environment and nature. Therefore, SNOC only uses FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood, which sets the forest management and standards, with the principle of transformation and sustainability, connecting the two ends of production and consumption. The process from selecting and processing wood to designing and packaging according to its function and characteristics and reaching the user is carried out under the supervision of an expert in energy efficiency and waste recycling in the most environmentally friendly and harmless way. The energy efficiency balance in material and production techniques is optimized by evaluating the environmental impact of each product that will be a design output. Satisfaction is not limited to the user only. SNOC is aware that being sensitive to human health and the cycle of nature will bring comprehensive and inclusive happiness and peace.

SNOC was created with a passion for providing deterministic solutions and concepts for outdoor spaces by evaluating them in a matrix-like structure and in the light of contemporary life and design philosophies. In its outdoor collections, which enrich the living space with function and a different vision with fine and critical touches, both in terms of material structure and design line, it defies time and offers lounge and dining sets created by the durable combination of wicker and wood that create a natural attraction with its natural texture, functional sun loungers and umbrellas, swing, daybeds, and decorative fire pits, as well as dining tables using concrete composite material. SNOC's primary goal is to create ergonomic and sophisticated spaces where you can relax and take refuge amidst the intense flow of life. The transition to an aesthetic and emotionally reassuring comfort zone after a long day provides the much-needed peace and relaxation, as well as spiritual calmness.

Inspıratıon & desıgn

2023 Catalog & Design Book

SNOC is presenting timeless and functional designs with new generation materials in their 2023 Collections.